Laser Cutting

Amada Fiber Laser Machine

Amada Fiber Laser Machine

Kempston Limited was established in 1967, and ever since then, we have invested in the latest manufacturing technology to ensure we offer our clients superior quality and turnaround, whilst maintaining our competitive pricing.

One of our most recent investments is an Amada Fiber Laser, with a material tower that has a 21 tonne load and off load capacity.

The tower features an automated storage system, for loading and unloading, which in turn improves productivity and minimises lead times.

A separate Nitrogen generator offers cleaner laser cutting, for ferrous and none ferrous materials.

As a result, the laser can cope with a variety of metals and thicknesses, ranging from;

  • 6mm Brass & Copper
  • 14mm Aluminium
  • 16mm Stainless Steel
  • 22mm Mild Steel

Other reflective material are no longer problematic.

Fiber Laser in Action

Fiber Laser in Action

A Fiber Laser produces a high speed and an excellent laser cut that allowed Kempston Limited to save greatly in secondary operations such as de-burring. This saves costs and reduces customer lead times.

Once the Tower is loaded, the correct sheet material will be selected and loaded into the Laser automatically.

The sheet will then be Laser profiled until complete. Upon completion, it will be unloaded from the Laser back onto the tower and the laser reloaded with another sheet.

Our Amada CO2 Laser/Punch combination machine compliments our facility by also offering a clean laser cut for ferrous and none ferrous materials.

With the additional ability to Punch, Dimple, C/SK, Louvre and Tap holes as required, using our large selection of standard tooling.

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Manufacture & fabrication of Frames, Chassis, Brackets, Front Panels, Cages, Control Units, Electronic Enclosures, Switch gear cabinets, Pedestals, Lockers, Audio Desks for the music industry, Trays, Sub-Frames, Earth Clamps & Doors as well as almost anything you can conceive in Mild Steel, Zintec, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.

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