Precision Folding: Getting Your Products Into Shape

At Kempston Ltd, our customers value us not just for our high-speed, cost-effective fiber laser cutting, but for the end-to-end fabrication services we can deliver to turn flat metal into finished components – including precision folding.

Folding takes the sheet metal ‘developments’ that we have cut for you, and transforms them into three-dimensional form, with shape, purpose, and structure.

sheet metal folding

We can precision fold chassis, frames, cabinets, brackets, and many more component types to correspond exactly to the functional and aesthetic requirements of your original drawing or design.

Our precision metal folding service: the benefits

Like all our offerings, our folding service is driven by the most productive and efficient technology solutions, to keep lead times short and costs low.

Our Amada multi-axis press brake makes short work of even larger jobs, with no loss of precision.

Once a fold has been made, the join is often welded together to ensure structural integrity.

Working with both ferrous (mild steel, stainless steel) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper, Zintec) our folding service helps progress your components rapidly and cost-effectively from conception to realisation, and all from a single supplier.

Other benefits of our folding service include:

  • Logistical savings – No need to source and coordinate multiple suppliers, jobs and delivery companies; your components are folded in the same place as they’re cut and can be delivered to you using our own vehicles.
  • No costly delays between our receiving your order and the machine getting to work, thanks to the press brake’s inbuilt, rapid multi-setup capability
  • Complex jobs made easy – Our press brake’s multi-axis operation means even the most complicated folding jobs can be executed quickly and right first time
  • High throughput – Our 100-tonne press brake means we can handle sheets of up to 3m and varying thicknesses so even large jobs are completed in short lead times
  • Skilled operators, no waste – Like all our designers, technicians and metalworkers, our press brake operators are trained to vendor-accredited standards. You get excellent products, delivered right first time, with no wastage

And you can be sure that we’re serious about not only what we deliver, but how we go about producing it, too.

Our UKAS ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification programmes, plus our membership of the British Safety Council, mean we’re as serious about safety, environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance as we are about quality.

In short, our services are delivered with a conscience at all levels – always.

Folding: we add value before and after, too

We’re a full-service, end-to-end sheet metal fabrication business, so precision folding is only one of the many services we provide.

After your sheet metal component comes out of the press brake, we will weld it to give it structural integrity, powder coat it to protect it, and even assemble it for you if you wish – all in-house, and all from the same location.

One single provider and one single point of contact for all stages in the fabrication of all your sheet metal components!

We deliver. And we’ll deliver.

When we say we deliver, we don’t just mean we produce quality products every time (although we do).

We also transport your finished components to you reliably and economically, using our own low-emission, economical delivery vehicles.

Our Bedford location means we’re ideally positioned to get your finished job to you wherever you are in the country, without costly haulage or courier charges.

But in this matter, as in all others, we are flexible – we’ll fit in with your preferences wherever we can.

So if you choose to collect your components from us instead, we’re here six days a week to make sure it can happen.

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