Powder Coating

With powder coating, only the paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form. The powder is drawn to the product and adheres to the product due to an electrostatic charge applied to the Powder during spraying.

The product, thus covered with the powder paint is then heated (to around 185 degreesproduct paint and powder coating Centigrade) in our Oven, wherein the powder fuses (melts) on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

The benefits of Powder Coating is a good quality finish, because the powder is fused onto the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties.

It also has a pleasing ‘smooth’ appearance and forms a sealed skin around the product thus minimising corrosion risk.

Because powder is applied electrostatically, it is fully recoverable and is easily cleaned away, powder is ideally suited to simple, automatic application thus minimising labour requirements.

One coat application. For most applications, a single thick powder application is quite possible. This eliminates the need for primers, multi-coat-wet painting and for rubbing down between coats.

And lastly Powder painting is Environment friendly because it has no solvents. It is therefore, safer to use and more easily complies with all current and proposed environmental legislation.

After final inspection packing and maybe some assembly our customer products are now ready for dispatch, using our own transport that meets the latest Euro 6 environment emissions legislation.

Customer Testimonials

Manufacture & fabrication of Frames, Chassis, Brackets, Front Panels, Cages, Control Units, Electronic Enclosures, Switch gear cabinets, Pedestals, Lockers, Audio Desks for the music industry, Trays, Sub-Frames, Earth Clamps & Doors as well as almost anything you can conceive in Mild Steel, Zintec, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.

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