Powder Coating: A Quality Finish For A Quality Product

A quality, resilient finish to your sheet metal components is every bit as important as the precision of the manufacturing processes that produce them – but few suppliers can deliver this as an integral part of their services.

product paint and powder coatingOur in-house powder coating and paint shop facility adds value to your products by protecting them from corrosion and other damage in smooth, resilient, scratch-resistant colours of your choice.

It’s a rapid process, too; our powder coating requires no priming or rubbing down of your components, and dries in our 185°c ovens in minutes, forming a sealed skin around the products we have manufactured for you.

Tough, long-lasting, appealing to the eye and to the touch, our powder coating is a fitting conclusion to a quality manufacturing process.

Our powder coating service: the benefits

Powder coating doesn’t just sit on the surface of your product like conventional paints do. Instead, it actually fuses onto the metal using an electrostatic charge, so it is much more tenacious, resilient and long-lasting, and offers far greater protection against surface damage.

After we have created your finished component by folding and welding it, our powder coating ensures that it is properly prepared not only for product assembly, but – more importantly – for the demands of the function it will eventually perform.

Just some of the benefits of our powder coating service include:

  • Logistical savings – Your components are powder coated in the same place as they’re cut, folded, and welded, and can be delivered to you in our own vehicles, so there’s no need for you to source and coordinate multiple suppliers, jobs and delivery companies
  • Reduced costs and lead times – Much of the powder coating process can be automated, reducing labour costs, increasing cost-effectiveness, and speeding up lead times
  • A safer product – Our powder coating service works with paint solids only and uses no solvents, making our products safer for our workers and our customers alike
  • Reduced environmental impact – Because it’s solvent-free, our powder coating is compliant with both current and proposed environmental legislation
  • Comprehensive colour choice – Our powder coating service is available in a wide range of colours to meet all your aesthetic, functional, regulatory and product marketing requirements

As with all our offerings, we pride ourselves on the fact that our powder coating service is founded not only on strict quality control, but on the highest possible environmental and safety standards too.

We hold both UKAS ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registration, and are British Safety Council members, publicly demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional services in responsible and ethical ways – always.

Powder Coating: we add value before and after, too

We deliver the full range of sheet metal fabrication services to create the final component that enters our powder coating process.

These include cutting, folding and welding – and after we powder coat your product, we can also assemble it, pack it, and deliver it for you, if you wish.

No need to manage many different suppliers, orders, and quotes – when you come to us, you get end-to-end sheet metal fabrication processes, from one team of skilled professionals, who communicate with each other minute by minute, in one place.

From the paint shop to your door

You shouldn’t have to manage yet another supplier to get your finished products delivered to you, so we take care of this for you, using our own low-emission, economical delivery vehicles.

At our Bedford HQ, we’re ideally placed for access to the major road networks, so your products get on their way to you quickly and easily.

But if you prefer to collect the finished articles yourself, we’ll stay open six days a week to help you with whatever pickup arrangements suit you and your business best.

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