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Expert Product Assembly To Your Specifications

detailed assemblyWe take your sheet metal components through every stage of the fabrication process – from cutting, to welding, folding, powder coating and even assembly.

But we don’t stop at rivets and fixings. We’re also qualified to assemble all types of mechanical components to make your products market-ready.

We source quality parts from trusted, long-term external suppliers, and assemble them in a purpose-equipped assembly area, using fully trained, in-house technicians (although your own specialists can work with us too, if you wish).

And we’ll help you fulfil any special additional requirements you or your own customers might stipulate – including labels, product information, and more.

Our product assembly service: the benefits

All our services are in-house and all our processes are covered by our ISO 9001 quality standard, so you can be sure you’re getting top-flight product assembly from time-served professional teams who work alongside each other day in, day out.

And with 34,000 square feet at our disposal, we’ve been able to create a dedicated product assembly area that can handle both very large products (for example, industrial ovens) as well as large volumes of smaller ones.

Just some of the benefits of our product assembly service include:

  • Logistical savings – We can manufacture and assemble your products, so you don’t have to source, manage and pay for multiple suppliers to address each stage of the process
  • Improved supply chain – Entrusting your product assembly to us means you don’t need assembly space yourself – so you have more space to store product to meet market demand!
  • Quick turnaround – Our dedicated assembly area enables us to get your jobs out of fabrication and through assembly rapidly, with no bottlenecking – so you get your products to market quicker
  • Mechanical expertise – We’re practised in the assembly of all kinds of mechanical items to finish your products, including hinges, gaskets, windows, locks, grommets, and many other parts
  • Trustworthy, cost-effective suppliers – We have relationships of many years’ standing with our outsourced suppliers, so when we source the mechanical parts we need to assemble your products, they are of the highest quality, at the keenest possible price

As with everything we do, our product assembly service is not only about quality and cost control, but also about doing business in a safe, responsible, ethical way.

We’ve invested heavily in both our UKAS ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) programmes, and we’re also members of the British Safety Council.

You can be sure our product assembly service delivers the highest possible standard of quality, with maximum concern for the safety of our teams, guests and visitors, at minimal environmental impact.

Product assembly: completing the value chain

Product assembly is an optional final stage in the end-to-end sheet metal fabrication services that we provide.

Prior to assembly, we deliver value at every other stage of the manufacturing process too – cutting your components from sheet metal, folding them, welding them, and then powder coating them to protect them.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your sheet metal fabrication needs, helping you to keep your costs low by sourcing all your manufacturing and finishing processes from one place, rather than expending time, effort and money on managing multiple suppliers.

We deliver or you collect

Our Bedford location puts us right on the major road networks, so we’re well placed to get your finished job to you quickly and smoothly, in our own economical, low-emission delivery vehicles (no costly third-party courier or haulier costs!)

If you’d prefer to collect, we make that easy for you too – we stay open six days a week so that you can pick your finished job up as and when it fits best with your business needs.

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Manufacture & fabrication of Frames, Chassis, Brackets, Front Panels, Cages, Control Units, Electronic Enclosures, Switch gear cabinets, Pedestals, Lockers, Audio Desks for the music industry, Trays, Sub-Frames, Earth Clamps & Doors as well as almost anything you can conceive in Mild Steel, Zintec, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.

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