ISO 9001 quality assurance

Quality Matters: Delivering The Highest Standards To Our Customers

At Kempston Ltd, we have adopted the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard, and we did so for one reason: because it is proven to deliver better products and services to you, our customer.

What benefits does ISO 9001 deliver to our customers?

According to the British Standards Institute (BSI), two-thirds of companies have reported improved quality of products and services as a result of their ISO 9001 membership, with some 60% also reporting that ISO 9001 reduces the likelihood of their making mistakes.


quality inspection processes

Inspection Department

For you, this translates into:

  • ‘Right first time’ products and services for you and your own customers
  • Lower costs and competitive pricing, thanks to minimal rework and wastage
  • Seamless supply, because our processes are not disrupted by errors

What does ISO 9001 involve?

ISO 9001 is about more than just quality – it’s about continuous improvement, too.

It’s why we invest constantly in our technology, our processes, our products and our people, always delivering the most up-to-date thinking and doing, and building ever-stronger relationships with our customers and suppliers.

ISO 9001 fits within the Total Quality Management philosophy that underpins our way of doing business. But it’s also an integral part of how we apply statutory and regulatory requirements to our operations, our dealings with customers, and at every level within our teams.

How we measure and improve quality

A commitment to quality is only effective if it’s enforced, measured and constantly updated – so that’s exactly what we do.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures not only that our ISO 9001 commitments, but also our wider company objectives, are proactively communicated, explained, and understood throughout the organisation – so that our people know what we and our customers expect of them.

And our dedicated Inspection Department turns quality requirements into hands-on testing and reporting, so that we do more of what works best and quickly adjust wherever there is room for improvement.

At Kempston Ltd, quality is not just a way of doing business with our customers, it’s the only way.