Welding Whichever Way You Need It: MIG, TIG, And Spot

TIG welding in progress

TIG Welding

We can deliver every stage in the manufacturing process that turns sheet metal into your finished components, including MIG, TIG, and spot welding.

Our welding gives rigidity and structural integrity to the flat initial ‘developments’ that we have produced for you. It’s this specialist welding service that gives us the ability to produce not only smaller components, but also your larger, more complex, multi-sheet constructions.

But every customer, job, deadline and (often) material is different, so we ensure that our welding service delivers maximum versatility to meet your needs.

We balance the type, size and weight of metal used, the welding process preferred, and the lead time stipulated, to arrive at the best welding solution to move your components quickly towards completion.

Our welding service: the benefits

Many suppliers struggle to deliver cost-effective welding services because it’s an artful, precision process that depends on a combination of skilled operators and versatile technology. But we have all of these – in spades and in-house!

Spot Welding

Spot Welding

We can work with both ferrous (mild steel, stainless steel) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper, Zintec) to progress your components rapidly and cost-effectively to completion.

Just some of the benefits of our welding service include:

  • Logistical savings – No need to source and coordinate multiple suppliers, jobs and delivery companies; your components are welded in the same place as they’re cut and folded, and can be delivered to you in our own vehicles.
  • Quick turnaround – Our MIG (Gas Metal Arc) welding service enables us to complete even large batch jobs in short lead times, and keeps production costs down
  • Flexibility for complex projects – Our TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc) welding service is extremely versatile, enabling us to adapt to almost any project requirement, including many different types, sizes and weights of metal
  • Rapid production, no waste – For multiple sheet jobs, we use spot welding, which is quicker than both MIG and TIG welding and doesn’t spread heat across the sheets – so deformities (and therefore waste) are eliminated.
  • Economy and environmental responsibility – Our TIG welding uses a permanent, non-consumable tungsten electrode, meaning lower operational costs with less environmental impact. Argon and helium shielding protect our welds against atmospheric contamination, so we avoid costly and wasteful rework

Quality is important to us, but environmental responsibility, safety, and regulatory compliance are too.

We’re registered in the UKAS ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification programmes and we’re also members of the British Safety Council, so our welding is carried out not only to the highest possible standards but as safely as possible and with the least possible impact on the environment.

Welding: we add value before and after, too

Welding is only one of the many services we provide as part of our end-to-end sheet metal fabrication business.

After we weld your sheet metal component, we can also powder coat it to protect it, and assemble it for you if you wish.

We run all these services in-house, so you’re dealing with only one provider for all the stages in the fabrication of your sheet metal components, rather than having to manage multiple suppliers.

Delivery or collection – you choose

We have our own low-emission, economical delivery vehicles, so we can deliver your finished components to your door without costly courier or haulage charges.

Our location in Bedford puts us right on the country’s major transport routes, so wherever you are we’re well placed to get your finished job to you as quickly and smoothly as possible.

But if you want to collect from us, rather than have us deliver, that’s fine too – we stay open six days a week so you can get to us whenever it works best for you.

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