Environmental Responsibility: Good Business For Us And You

environmental policy

It’s not only the quality of the service we deliver to our customers that matters at Kempston Ltd – it’s how we manage its impact on the environment too.

We believe customers value business done with a conscience, and this is why we have chosen to adopt the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard.

What benefits does ISO 14001 deliver to our customers?

The ISO (International Standards Organization) itself openly states that effective environmental management can help “provide a competitive and financial advantage” through improved efficiencies and reduced costs.”

low energy use LED lighting

LED Lighting

Ultimately, effective environmental policies translate into benefits for you, our customer, through:

  • More competitive pricing, driven by more careful production and operating methods, less wastage, and lower costs
  • Improved workmanship, thanks to environmentally sound working practices that are also safer and more comfortable (e.g. low-heat LED lighting; solvent-free coatings)
  • Enhanced reputation – Dealing with an environmentally conscientious supplier reflects well on your business, inspires stakeholder respect, and helps limit your exposure to adverse PR

What does ISO 14001 involve?

Our ISO 14001 commitment is delivered through our Environmental Management System (EMS), which covers not only the business’s current core operations but also those it is planning for the future.

Specifically, ISO 14001 requires all those activities to be compliant with practices that protect the environment, prevent pollution and minimise any significant impacts arising.

Achieving and measuring environmental commitment

Much as with our ISO 9001 processes, it is the understanding of our environmental aims and objectives, at all levels throughout the business, that is crucial to their adoption.

ISO 14001

Our environmental strategy is not only proactively communicated to our people, but operated by them through the EMS.

In this way, they are involved in both the letter and the spirit of our ISO 14001 commitments, including all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Plus, all employees have a documented responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

We regularly set and review environmental and energy targets and invest heavily in meeting them. We recently replaced all factory fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs and sourced new delivery vehicles to meet the latest Euro 6 emissions legislation.

At Kempston Ltd, we believe good environmental sense makes good economic sense, too – and we want our customers to benefit from both.